A certified translation is issued in the format established by the Public Translators Association of Uruguay (on an A4-size folio of superfine [“florete“] paper or a similar one including 54 lines of 60 spaces each-) and is signed by the respective Public Translator.

Judicial decrees, awards, public deeds and other documents issued by public authorities of foreign countries, or by International Organizations, as well as letters rogatory, powers of attorney executed in a foreign country, and private instruments written in a foreign language to have legal effect in Uruguay require a certified translation.


These are translations for merely personal purposes, which do not require the intervention of a Public Translator.


In case a document written in a foreign language already includes a translation made in its country of origin, the intervention of a Uruguayan Public Translator is required.

The Uruguayan Public Translator shall verify if the translation is correct and state this fact in a Concordance Certificate, making the necessary amendments every time his/her opinion differs from that of the first Translator. If the Uruguayan Public Translator considers that the original translation does not substantially agree with the original text, he/she shall make a new translation.


The presence of two interpreters is required for the execution of a will in open form (“testamento abierto”) by anyone unable to speak Spanish (Section 799 of the Civil Code).


Cultural and social references are fully considered when translating texts, adapting translations to the reality shown by the related picture. We especially seek to safeguard the naturalness of dialogues. This service may consist either in dubbing or subtitling.


We provide this service whenever our clients have a translation that requires to be improved, corrected, updated or amended.


In case a full translation is not necessary and you want to know what the document says in a summarized form but not in detail, TPA translators deliver summary translations, thus avoiding expensive and unnecessary translations of the entire document.


We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in multiple languages, at conferences, meetings, courses and presentations, as well as in the solemnization of marriages and will executions.


We transcribe audio files from seminars, congresses, workshops, interviews, videos, etc. We are especially qualified to provide this service given our extensive command of different languages.


TPA has extensive experience providing proofreading services to ensure documents are free of mistakes.

If you wish to publish an article, a book, a monograph, or go on line you can hire our services for the correction of the final text and the improvement of the vocabulary used.


A foreigner who is in Uruguay as a tourist may apply for a permanent, temporary or Mercosur residency status. Individuals who have applied for residency status are entitled to request a provisional Uruguayan identity card.

After three or five years (as applicable) of having become a Uruguayan resident, citizenship and a passport may be obtained. We provide a wide range of immigration legal services, including translation of required documents.


Documents that enter national territory as well as those who leave it must comply with legalizations or apostille where appropriate. We support our clients, taking care of these proceedings.

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