Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business, New York
  • NYC Business Immersion Program, (2017).
Universidad de Montevideo /University of Montevideo/
  • Master’s Degree in International Trade Law, (2015).
  • Master’s Degree in Labor Law, (2004).
  • Master’s Degree in Legal Conflicts within Companies, (2004).
  • Master’s Degree in Law of Business Crises, (2003).
  • Master’s Degree in Bank Law and Financial Markets, (2002).
  • Master’s Degree in Business Companies, (1996).
Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay /University of the Republic/
  • Doctor of Law and Social Sciences. School of Law and Social Sciences. (1988-1994).
  • Certified Translator in English Language. School of Law and Social Sciences. (1988-1991).
Professional Experience
Supreme Court of Justice
  • Certified and Registered Court Interpreter and Translator (2017-)
Sammel S.A. /Paper and Electronics/
  • Advisor to the Board of Directors (2014-2017)
Exprinter (Uruguay) S.A. /Financial Entity/
  • Independent Director (2011-2013)
  • External Lawyer and Advisor (2009-2011)
Payssé & Rodríguez Law Firm
  • Partner (since 2000)
  • Associate (1993-2000)
“Traductores Públicos Asociados” /Firm of Certified Translators in Uruguay/
  • Founder and Director (Since 1994)
El Observador Newspaper
  • In-house translator (1993-1996).
Teacher Experience
School of Law of the Universidad Católica del Uruguay /Catholic University of Uruguay/
  • Assistant Lecturer Candidate. Chair of Commercial Law – School of Law, (1998-1999) (2010-     )
  • Assistant Lecturer Candidate. Chair of International Trade Law – School of Law, (1995 – 1997).
  • “Business Companies Act (Law N 16060) Collection of Translated Legal Provisions.” School of Law, Universidad de Montevideo, May 2016.
  • “Modern Forms of Access to Credit: Factoring and Collateral Trust Agreements”, 2015, in: Tomé Gómez, Miguel Ángel (coord.). Two Centuries of Law: Studies to Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the School of Law of the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Montevideo: Universidad Católica del Uruguay. School of Law, 2015. p. 239-278.
  • “Proposal for an Effective Use of the Family Protocol in Uruguay”, XI Argentinean Congress on Corporate Law, VII Ibero-American Congress on Corporate Law and Business Companies Law, Volume II, October 2010.
  •  “Covenants in Family-Owned Companies: Family Protocol”, Evaluation of Business Companies Legislation, 2009 Academic Week.
  • “Loss, Theft or Destruction of Bearer Shares”, Business Companies Law Issues, September 2000.
Participation in Research Projects
  • Member of Business Associations Law Group- Universidad de Montevideo (2009-2010).
Other Qualifications
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Proficiency Exam (University of Cambridge)
  • First Certificate Exam (University of Cambridge)
  • Member of Uruguayan Bar Association.  
  • Member of the Uruguayan Certified Translators Association.