After three or five years of obtaining the residence permit (depending if the person has formed a family in the country or not), a certificate of Uruguayan naturalization can be applied for, as well as the Uruguayan passport.


a) Certified copy of Birth Certificate registered with the Civil Registry Office.

b) Certified copy of foreign and apostilled Marriage Certificate registered with the Civil Registry Office.

c) Migration Certificate evidencing any migratory movement during the last three years and Permanent Residence Permit.
Residence must be “usual”. Exit from the country cannot exceed 6 continuous months.

d) Public or private documents evidencing that applicant has resided in the country for the last three or five years (Utilities services invoices such as UTE; Antel, and other)

e) Settlement: Generally, it is evidenced by means of any public document certifying the exercise of a profession in the field of art, science or industry, or the ownership of properties or working capital.

f) Banking transactions

g) Certificate of Criminal Background Check issued in the country of origin

h) Medical certificate with medical history, with signatures certified by a notary public.

i) Passport of the country of origin.



The proceedings are conducted with the Electoral Court and there are usually two hearings.

Documentation must have been issued within one month prior to the first hearing.

Once naturalization is approved, a Naturalization Certificate is granted.

After 3 years of obtaining Legal Naturalization, applicant shall furnish the Naturalization Certificate for registration with the National Registry of Citizens in order to obtain a Civic Card.



  • We will check that all required documentation has been gathered.
  • We will request any missing document and help you to obtain it.
  • We will apply for and obtain the Migration Certificate.
  • We will request and book a hearing for the proceeding.
  • We will accompany you to the Electoral Court Office with the required documentation, at the date and time of the appointment, and we will ask you to appoint us as your attorney in order to continue the proceeding.
  • We will follow-up the proceedings with the Office.
  • We will accompany you to get the uruguayan passport.


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