Long and complex translations usually require the work of a translators’ team.

In these cases it is important to:

  • a) Select the appropriate translators’ team, according to the type of translation to be carried out;
  • b) Select -if required- specific advisors in the respective fields (Medicine, Finance, Engineering, etc.)
  • c) Determine how the work shall be divided among the different translators;
  • d) Determine the vocabulary to be used;
  • e) Ensure adequate communication among translators to guarantee the uniformity of the vocabulary used, the resolution of doubts, and optimization of translations of identical or similar texts.
  • f) Make an adequate in-depth revision of the final text;
  • g) Manage contact with our clients and address all clients’ questions and doubts

We provide this full service, or only the leadership of a translators’ team previously selected by our client, or only the final revision of a previously translated text, if required.

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